Dirty little writing secret: This flaw in Cinnamon’s plan did not actually occur to me when I wrote the page of Cinnamon explaining her plan, despite the fact that this is the exact same thing that happened the last time she tried “be higher than them”, so perhaps I too am the fool.

Liri, of course, was busy sunbathing when Cinnamon attacked Saffron back in Chapter 2, which is why she doesn’t recognize her.

In other news:

SpiderForest is doing a kickstarter campaign for their third anthology book, and it’s their best book because Carlos and I have a Legend of the Hare story in it! If you like Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, and Whales, check it out. It’s just under 200 spoopy pages of comics, ready to arrive by Halloween! Check it out! As I type this, we’re about 25% of the way funded, so hurry now!