We won’t be cutting away from this one!

Evil Inc’s Brad Guigar gave Saffron and Sage a review. It’s here, but behind a paywall. ┬áSpoiler Alert: Not a fan. One of the things he said that I agreed with is that I’m maybe not doing the best job explaining things. In panel five, above, is it clear that Sage is trying to shoot back? Reading it, I don’t think it actually is at all (even though I kind of like the glow anyway).

This is something I’m going to work on a bit going forward, but please feel free to poke me a bit if it’s not clear what’s supposed to be happening.

(Also, I’ve pulled the Mort bonus comics out of the archive, since they were confusing. They’ll be up in a separate section if I can ever get the new goddamn site to work)