Hey everyone! Got some minor announcements.

First, are you reading Legend of the Hare, my other comic? We just hit page 100, and we did something I think is really cool for it. This idea was all my artist for that comic, Carlos Ruiz, who’ll be doing his own comic soon!

Secondly, I made a few minor edits to the site design. There’s now a cursive font for these page titles that I’m not sure how I feel about (it may change), and the cast page now links to a list of all pages with that character in it. If there’s a character you want to look up who’s not important enough to get a cast bio, you can click their name under any comic they’re in to see this as well. This functionality has been around for a while, but I’ve gone back and cleaned up the previous pages to all be properly tagged before things got out of hand, and it’ll become useful if we ever cut away from the title characters for any period of time. Hypothetically.

↓ Transcript
Saffron: Prince Faunus!

Saffron: Are you ok? I'm here to rescue-

Princess Frogshroom: My hero!!

Saffron: Uh

Saffron: Have you....seen anyone us in these dungeons?
Princess Frogshroom: No, it's just us here.

Princess Frogshroom: Alone

Princess Frogshroom: Call me!