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Not hasty enough! We still need to catch Milk!
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  1. maarvarq

    Not the faintest.

  2. Maeverin

    Looks like she’s chugging an antidote (maybe it should be anti venom?) That is bringing her out of her octopus-induced stupor.

  3. HappyHead

    Well, what I’m getting from this is:
    1) Liri is still mostly under the effects of being horribly poisoned most of the way to death, and not making goodly with the wording.
    2) In her past, she was on a first name basis with Time Pope Apium, which would mean she was probably pretty high ranked in her religious organisation.
    3) She has a sister named Anise, and parents who would name their kid Anise, and who therefore are bad people. (Seriously, why would you name your kid that? Bad Parents! No Soup for you!)
    4) Her sister was also highly ranked in their religious organisation, since she’s now the Pope.
    5) Her sister and her apparently do not get along. (I understand, I don’t get along with my sister either. It’s all the evilness and stuff. Makes family dinners awkward.)
    6) Anise may have been the Time Archbishop that Cory mentioned having pissed off a few pages ago (and has since been promoted) – thus the “unwanted” poster for Cory beside the “wanted” poster for Liri back on page 125.
    7) Just like Saffron, Liri is assuming this whole thing was about Milk wanting to stop Saffron, because she was completely out of it while Dingo explained that no, it had nothing to do with whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, and he’s never heard of Saffron or Milk before, and Anise probably hasn’t either.

    Or I could be completely wrong…

  4. I’ve been following the plot fairly easily as it’s been revealed, or at least I think I have been. The mystery elements are the parts not revealed, I haven’t been confused by much that has been explained (aside from figuring out certain little weird quirks of the universe, which is very fun).

    We’ve known that Liri is apparently some sort of runaway from her clerical order, which worships a moon goddess who has a cool spaceship and holds sway over time magic. Presumably she hasn’t fallen out of favor with the goddess herself, at least assuming that the magic she uses originates from said goddess, but these bounty hunters revealed that the Time Pope (presumably the clerical head of Liri’s faith) has put out a bounty on her (and also specifically doesn’t want Cori), though it hasn’t been specifically stated why. Now we just learned that the old time pope died and Liri’s sister took over, and she apparently isn’t the most likeable of people. I suppose I can’t blame her for not liking the idjit that her sister ran off with, but it’s yet unclear exactly why she want’s Liri brought back by force. I get the impression that Liri and Cori might have some ideas about Anise’s motivations.

    Also, I’m guessing that Liri’s apparent intoxication is a result of being kept under while in custody, as she seems to be rapidly sobering up after chugging that antidote.

    As always, I eagerly await more to be revealed. I love this comic, keep doing what you’re doing, please.

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