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What a striking way to introduce a new character!
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  1. Botched

    Wonderful comic. Bonus points for using Casu Marzu, such a random mostly unheard of cheese, well at least around here.

  2. someone

    So, balut, caviar, and casu marzu. There’s no “substandard” here, this is a dish that was ordered just to use it as a weapon.

    The only way to make it more disgusting would be to add something like surströmming to it.

  3. The first thought that comes to mind is that that was indeed a weaponized meal order and the mystery woman is a horrible person who deserves to get hit in the face by the blunt head of a high velocity greataxe.

    The second thought is “What kind of clearly insane people not only have all those foods but also stock them on a train of all places?”

  4. Myk Streja

    There’s something familiar about that forelock… Is she related to Liri?

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