A Private Paradise

The moment you enter the turquoise waters of Arrecife’s locally renowned beaches, you’ll understand that this world-famous hidden gem is one of the finest budget vacation destinations in Palea. A lush coral forest will take your breath away. Meet many of our friendly locals, and culturally enrich yourself by mingling with the nonhuman sapients who make this beachfront empire their secret home. Meet our beloved Forest Fairy family face-to-face in their unmatched beach habitat.

For two decades, our beach has been a place to experience the sun. Come down to it and experience the water while experiencing some of our local dining.  Enjoy water sports in our fabulous beach or reasonably priced brothels, and lie back with a cool beer and a warm towel, or just watch the sun go down as you prepare for a night on the town looking at the stars. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll discover what many others have – Arrecife, an experience!