Hey! It’s Cinnamon and Toast, as predicted by the Cinnamon Buns and the Toast on the previous page! Wow! Foreshadowing! I’m rapidly starting to think that Cinnamon is the best and most fun character in the comic to write, since she’s such a driver.

This is the first proper page by Carlos, and it comes with a new writing style. Sofia preferred a system where I wrote a screenplay of the whole chapter and let her turn it into a comic, but with Carlos I’m writing more of a panel-by-panel breakdown, sometimes even with thumbnails. I like this way of doing things more, to be honest, and I think it’s going to lead to tighter scripts with a higher joke-per-page ratio. I’m very excited for this chapter, more excited than I’ve been for Saffron and Sage in quite a while.

Hope y’all enjoy it!