It’s Toast!

If you got the writer pinup for last month on the patreons, you might notice that Toast is significantly different from the original idea.  I thought “punky goth” was a bit too bland, and there’s really no need for another talker on a team with Cinnamon on it.

We’ll be seeing a bit more of Toast in the next chapter. A bit more of bathing, as well, actually.  And a lot more Saffron! It’ll be great, so look forward to it!

In non-Saffron news, I’m finally starting to financially stabilize/recover after the whole “move” thing.  We’re still a little ways off from the return of Legend of the Hare, but it’s happening. Once I finish the script for chapter 3 (and, uh, my patreon reviews), LotH will be the next thing I start working on.

↓ Transcript
Cinnamon: I had her, Toast!

Cinnamon: If it wasn't for that legendary nerd, COLANDER PIANOSOCK, she's be dead now!

Toast: AOOU?

Cinnamon: It was over, Toast. I had the high ground. But they cheated!

Cinnamon: They cheated and they stole my bow! But you know who will be laughing when we kill them, Toast?
Toast: AWOO?

Cinnamon: We will, idiot!

Cinnamon: So watch out, Saffron Saldarriaga

Cinnamon: Because you haven't seen the end of Cinnamon of the Winds!