And we’re back! I finally have good internet again, so expect some pretty cool shit to start happening around here in the next, oh, two weeks. Not only are there some full-length reviews coming, but we have some special coming up. Something that rhymes with “two Liris”. So look forward to it!

↓ Transcript
Saffron: We've had bad experience with guides
Cassette: Ha ha! I'm rich and useless!

Liri: That's 'cause they didn't have a theme song!
Saffron: What

Liri: ♪We are the


Liri: ♪And we be see-king adventure
Saffron: wh-

Cory: ♪For a small fee
Liri: ♪Excitedly!

Cory: ♪We'll brave
Liri: ♪Any danger

Saffron: Well, I can't say no to that