I’m thinking of making a print comic that’s just chapter three up to this page and handing it out at MICE, so everyone gets depressed and has to go to the website to see what happened. Viral marketing, BAY-BEE!

And wow, lookit this. It’s a comic update that’s right on time 12 midnight Eastern on the dot on update day. Wow. We’ve been doing a lot of “it’s not late if it’s still Tuesday”-isms lately, but we’re finally getting a bit of a buffer going, so hopefully this will be a trend.

But enough about Saffron, lets talk about that comic getting advertised on the left sidebar over there. What’s the deal with that? Is it over? Is it dead! Yes! And No! It’s getting a ~*reboot*~, Dumbing of Age style!


Right now, LotH v2, which I’m currently calling Legend of the Hare Final Hearts HD Remix but probably won’t when it launches, is early enough along that I can show you my notes without being too concerned about spoilers (since it’ll change so much), which I’m actually writing in Trello of all things for two reasons.

1. It’s helpful for organizing my thoughts in advance. Right now I’m just doing a super-basic outline that follows the Hero’s Journey a bit more slavishly than the final product will (There’s at least one step I suspect I’m cutting out entirely). I’m actually finding this level of organization super-helpful as a way to get to an outline, and a good outline is a massively helpful thing to have when writing, even if you deviate from it a little later

2. I’m looking to collaborate with another writer, so I want my notes to be easier to read than my normal scribbles. Who is this other writer? I don’t have it locked down so I won’t try to hype it beyond saying that it’s another webcomic writer you might have heard of. I’ll probably re-convert these trello cards back into a Google Doc at some point over the coming three-day weekend and send them off to him.


Lol, “Product Overview”. Can you tell I’m using a Google Docs Template? Also at least one of those potential fixes is thrown out of the story already. This predates even the Trello board, so neither of those potential fix ideas is actually happening I think

One thing you may have noticed from these cards is that LotH v2 isn’t just LotH v1 with better editing, it’s a fairly different story, which is a bit of a compromise between the “resume” and “remake” camps. It’s also, ironically, an idea I stole from Dave Willis that I heavily criticized when it was his idea but think is great now that I want to do it! Yay hypocrisy!

I have no idea what the ETA on this is, but I’ve written the entirety of the current Saffron chapter and want to finish this up before I have to really start finishing Saffron Ch4. There’s also a bit of a time limit in my mind based on the other writer’s schedule, which is why I want to get this off to him within a week or so (and also because it’s going to be a patreon reward). Just because I’m not posting all the time doesn’t mean I’m not doing stuff.

(Though I’m pretty deep into my like 5th run of Dark Souls 3, so it often means I’m not doing stuff. I’m trying to get into Anor Londo and those goddamn Silver Knights and their goddamn bows never get less frustrating)

↓ Transcript
Saffron: Liri....I'm sorry I couldn't get us out of this

Liri: I'm sorry I got us into it.