I moved! I live in a much nicer, much cheaper apartment now! In the short term, that means my life is misery because I’ve been transferring stuff from one apartment to another for days. In the long term, it means two things

  1. I have a long walk to and from work, and will thus get mega swole calves (I’m at 12,000 steps for the day two days in a row!)
  2. I have more money for comics, which bodes well for things like Legend of the Hare book 2.

Neither swoleness nor sequel will happen in the next few weeks, now, but hopefully you’ll hear more about both, soon, and the “Sexy photos” tier on the patreon will stop being a gag tier, and start being a way to support production of Saffron and Legend while enjoying some hella fine manservice on the side.

↓ Transcript
Liri: Sage is really cute, by the way!

Liri: Can we get a dog like that?
Cory: Uh
Cory: We'll see

Sage: Saff, that girl's really cute. Can we get a girl like that?
Saffron: I'm glad you're having fun

Saffron: That archer wouldn't have gotten away if you didn't get shot!

Sage: Are you

Sage: Mad at me?