Dara is the “other” daughter, since we were already introduced to her sister Elina all the way back in Legend of the Hare. She’s the “Amalgam Goddess Teth-Elina” there, though, and apparently also part rabbit? What’s the story there? Am I implying that Saffron and Sage takes place in the same continuity as Legend of the Hare somehow? Does anyone really care? ~*Worldbuilding*~ 

I actually wrote a lot of the religious cosmology stuff way before comics, as part of an aborted RPG setting called Palea, some elements of which filtered into Saffron and Sage. Maybe I’ll pick that project back up someday. Or maybe I’ll clock another five hours of Persona 5 tonight. One or the other.

↓ Transcript
Saffron: Well, um, thank you for your service. How much do I owe you?
Liri: Oh don't worry about it. The church of Dara never charges for healing.

Saffron: Dara? Is that a northern god?
Liri: Yeah! She's the best

Liri: She's the moon's other kid and she travels through time solving crimes and granting wishes and if you do good deeds she'll let you play games on her spaceship!

Saffron: Well....that's....

Saffron: I'm going to make sure Sage is REALLY healed
Liri: I have some literature if you want
Saffron: I'm fine