“Listen here, Corjander”
“It’s Coriander”
“But you just said-”
“It’s a bit of a weird font, I know”

By the way, it’s nearly the end of the month! Last chance to support us on Patreon and get access to this month’s sensual Saffron pinup by Sabu (and rather less sensual one by me!). Here’s a SFW preview of the (also SFW) pinup!

That’s one sexy….elbow? Knee? I think it’s an elbow but it might be a horse’s leg

Only one way to find out!

Voting on next month’s pinup will begin later this week, as well, so get on in there and your weird SagexKaimay from LotH fantasy can be a weird SagexKaimey from LotH reality! Come on down!