It’s all you can eat at Red Lobster only in the world of Saffron and the Sage you have to fight for your bottomless crab bucket!…..Anyway. I’ve been meaning to do some LotH fanart but then you were talking about Saffron and the Sage and is it even possible to do a fanart for a comic that doesn’t exist?…… Good luck in your webcomic endeavors! Even if you have to cut back to one update a month people will support you! For what my opinion’s worth I think you should try drawing it yourself you can learn alot. Some of the top webcomics out there started with the shittiest art. Speaking of shitty art sorry for the poor quality. I’m limited by the tools I have which basically means I need to get good! I’m just rambling now so y’know good luck and stuff. If you think Saff and Sage is a better idea go for it!

Inspired by that one picture you posted and those concepts you showed on the LotH site. Maybe I’ll add pink or something later and try to upload a better image if I can get to FedEx.

I saw this this morning and I spent all day trying to come up with the perfect thing to say and all I can come up with is “DUUUUUUDE!”

Thank so much for this! It really brightened my day a bit, and made me want to press on that much harder!