i just wanted to say a weird little thanks for doing what you’re doing. while your honesty doesn’t not make me super worried about the quality of my soon-to-be first comic it does make me kinda relieved that. its okay to make something that comes out shitty. (shitty is probably expected because im like. a kid) and if you can learn from all the times you mess up you probably wont be shitty forever. that came out way more lame than i meant it to but you get what im saying

Oh shit, I need inspiring music

Soupdogg, behind every success is a million shitty failures.

Your first comic is going to fail. As is, most likely, your second and third and fourth. In the future you’ll look back at your best work now and cringe in embarrassment.

And that’s totally fine. When I was your age, I was doing pro wrestling forum RPGs where my writing was judges (better writing = better stats). And I was bad at it! Like, I was that LOLRANDOM kid, and no one liked my writing. I did improv theater, and I was bad at that, too. And then…I got better. I wrote more serious (read: edgelord) characters  which were better received. I actually found a wiki page (?!) of that old forum on which all I’ve written over years there is summed up as

  • Sandy Raines is considered one of the worst faces in UWL history. Oddly, he was very successful during the brief time he was a heel.

That kind of hurts to read even now, despite the fact that it’s a billion percent true. But that bad writing, and getting shit on for it, made me a lot better. I wouldn’t have done the heel stuff everyone liked except for how bad the good guy stuff I wrote bombed (I kind of wish I still had it, now, but also am kind of glad it’s all gone).

And I’m a better writer now than I was when I started LotH. And I was better when I started LotH than I was when I started FCA. And when SatS most likely fails, I’ll be an even better writer. And, eventually, I’ll be a good enough one to take off.

You just gotta be DETERMINED, and keep powering through