Hey man, i was catching up on your Tumblr and saw that someone asked about rendered-image/3D comics. I’ve never been a huge fan of the style itself, but I used to be a HUGE fan of The Dreamland Chronicles. I don’t know if it stands up (it was one of my first webcomics, back when I was a youngster, and I don’t have time to go back and read it now) but they do some pretty great stuff visually, and the FAQ explains the tech they use. Hope this helps a little. =)

This is a bit better since it’s cartoonier, but I still find it really weird-looking. Besides the uncanny valley faces, I think the text bubbles look weird next to semi-realistic faces like that (they look like they were added to a screenshot instead of being part of the comic). Also, no one’s making the right expression for their lines.

Also, Tiger lady kissing the ground is shown as a high-angle shot from far away where you can’t see her face, and I suspect this was done for technical rather than artistic reasons.

This might be a rare instance where I’d actually recommend doing a furry comic. One of the reasons Zootopia looks so great (uh, besides being a massive corporate enterprise made by Disney), is because I can accept Nick and Judy as cartoon characters instead of twisted mockeries of man.

You can’t get away with these muppet expressions on a 3DCGI human, but it looks great on a bunny. I don’t know how well this works when you’re one guy with Garry’s Mod instead of a whole studio with secret Disney technology, though.