Hey! Me again! Thank you for answering my previous question. I have another one for you. In all your time reading many webcomics, have you ever found one using 3D renders for character art that was good? There are a few that use them for specific objects like spacecraft or the ArkenTools in Erfworld but I’m talking full characters. I do 3D art as my day job, and I’ve been kind of, sort of, interested in trying to use it to do comics, but I’ve not been able to find any good examples.

I have not. I’ve never cared for it, because it always looks jarring

Like, that face in panel 1 doesn’t feel right at all, for several reasons.

Though, to be fair to Crimson Dark, the spaceships look a lot better, in part because they’re not in the horrifying uncanny valley.

I think it just looks jarring having realistic (…ish, though this was 2008) human models next to cartoony word balloons. If you did something cell shaded…

I think this looks a little better, despite my 5000 hours in MS Paint Word balloon (I used to letter Falls Count Anywhere!), since the characters are a bit more cartoony. It’s still a bit janky, though camerawork might alleviate that a bit.

This train of thought is making me wonder about just photographing people and using that as my art. I’m not aware of any comic that’s done that (and I can foresee some reasons why). I had a weird idea about comics made out of photos of Lego sets I’d build, for instance. Don’t know where that idea came from, or went.