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You have to be a real dipshit to have a high INT stat. Just an absolute dunce of a nerd, you know?
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  1. Xeno

    I- I thought she was a innocent angel but she just shattered that image

  2. I love Liri even more now.

    And I’m still not sure of she really is ditzy and just strangely perceptive sometimes or if it’s all an elaborate act of obfuscating stupidity to deliberately embody the trope “crouching moron hidden badass.” Whichever is the case, Liri remains awesome.

  3. Side note, I’m not sure what if any system this setting is based on/inspired by, but in a traditional D&D at least, clerics’ spellcasting abilities are tied to wisdom rather than intelligence. Though Liri hasn’t demonstrated any obvious excellence in that regard either, really.

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