Apparently the Saffron and Sage universe is one of those DnD 3.5 comics 🙁

LotH readers may remember that comic also had a gag where dog people put a woman in a no-lick cone, and Jill complained that “some furry somewhere’s loving this”, and now here I am again doing that joke because I forgot I’d done it five years ago and now this page reads as a confession when really it’s just an easy and obvious joke to go to when people get captured by dogs and it’s Liri wearing it because it’s an anti-magic cone (as Sage exposited) and she’s the caster and the more time I spend explaining this the weirder it gets to quick segue segue segue….

Hey, it’s page 132! When I was a kid, I read some cheesy 90s sci-fi book about Laser Tag players playing “real” laser tag in a space war, and the protagonist had to remember the number 132, and used the rhyme “132! 132! I picked red instead of blue!” to remember it, and it’s a pretty good mnemonic to use if you need to remember the number 132 and also the color red, because I remember it to this day!

Photon PB (1987 Adventure Novel Series) comic books

It was one of these books, I think, but all I really remember of this series is that rhyme and a scene where the dude jumps out of bed in front of his alien love interest who’s all “Oh my I can see your dong how embarrassing”.

I don’t know, man, you think I choose to remember these things?

Anyway, I’ve been in a….”bad mental place” sounds way too dramatic, let’s just say “a funk” for the past few weeks but I think I’m starting to pull out of it 🙂