F is for fighting, which is super not cool
R is for the road, which is super not cool
I is for, um, ignoring that Cory blew up the road
E is for explosion, which is how Cory blew up the-
N is for never mind, let’s just make s’mores
D is for delicious s’mores. Mmm, steamed s’mores!
S is s’mores, with marshmallows and chocolate
H is for how I don’t think we actually have marshmallows and chocolate….But what if…I were to forage some of this burning fruit and disguise it as my own cooking? Ohoho, delightfully devilish, Liri!
I is for “I hope you’re ready for these roasted apples we’re having!
P is for prepare to enjoy these roasted apples!

“I thought we were having steamed s’mores?”

“No no, we’re having steamed CORES. That’s what I call roasted apples!”

“You call roasted apples ‘steamed cores’?”

“Yes! It’s a regional dialect.”

“Well, I’ve lived a mostly sheltered life in my home town and you’re from some far-off land of wizards, so I guess that makes sense.”