Woah, this full page splash has a logo and credits on it, marking the end of the prologue and beginning of the real story, and allowing me to use it as the cover to a book if I can ever make one. How frugal!

Way back in June, I suddenly had a Eureka moment, and the comic idea that had been bubbling in my head for a few years suddenly started to click. I went home immediately to draw the image that had come to my mind’s eye.


Several months later, having gained a Sabu and lost a “the” in the title, that image is now a real-live page, thanks to a process illustrated below.


This feels like a motivational poster

As the one responsible for the “Idea” half of the process, I’d like to thank Sabu and Threnody, for turning an idea, a google doc, and a dreamĀ into something really special. We’re only 7 pages deep into this bad boy, and half the main cast hasn’t even shown up yet, but I’ve been feeling very strong about this project, and hope to see you in the next 7 pages.

And, uh, pages beyond that as well.

(Poor Sage, in the title but not on the cover)