“Thank God”, thinks Thren, “No more firey lighting effects”. Little does she know that next month’s pinup on Patreon is going to be a Liri twirling glowsticks in a burning Hot Topic.

Signed up for some more art classes, though more casual than the ones I was doing before. I start a drawing in bars class tomorrow, and in late September I start a class on making comic books! Wow! I always wanted to know how to do that! I’ve been experimenting with drawing out rough versions of my comics as a tool while writing scripts, and it’s really hard! Sadly, I accidentally deleted a Legend of the Hare thumbnail thing, but it might be for the best.

The drawing in bars class lets me use my Surface, so I’ll hopefully have some cool shitty art to display on Patreon this month.

Later this year I’ll also be taking a bunch of work-sponsored classes on PHP, Javascript, and other advanced web design stuff. This can be used to make the Saffron and ReTale sites look nicer, but I’m kind of excited to learn things I can put into practice making Legend of the Hare even more experimental on the second go-round.

↓ Transcript
Coriander: I'm Coriander Bialystock, and I'm no man's sidekick!

Botoxica: Woah
Botoxica: Wow

Botoxica: That was scary!

Spider: Mistress! We should kill them now before he wakes!

Botixica: Ugh. But they are so plain-looking....

Narration: One fashion montage later