Woah! Hey! The site looks new, and different, and exactly like the original site!

Yes, while SaffronComic.com remains a landing page, and will contain all my reviews (including, coming soon, a review of Shattered Starlight) comics will be hosted on subdomains now, as suggested by YOU, the readers. In addition to making life immeasurably easier for me and Threnn, there are new features for you!

  • Separate RSS feeds!
  • You can now bookmark sage.saffroncomic.com, and have a bookmark that always shows the latest comic!
  • Chapter select! This’ll be really useful on Comicide, which has lots of chapters.
  • These cool cast icons below every page, showing the characters in the page and helping you keep track of who’s who!
  • Transcripts of all comics! Well, some comics! Well, this comic! But I’ll be updating the archives to include this feature for all old comics over the next day or two

Now that this site is up and running, I’ll be fixing any minor bugs, and then moving on to Comicide, and then Legend of the Hare (I’m doing the sites in order of ascending page count because manually re-tagging everything is a huge pain). We’re also aware of an issue where not all Saffron pages are the same size, but that will be fixed over the next few days.

Take a look, and let me know if anything weird happens!

Speaking of Comicide, do you think Pandora and Botoxica would get along?

↓ Transcript
Don’t you want to look your best when meeting him?

Well, yeah, but-

I couldn’t help but notice your split ends. Keeping hair straight and shimmering can be difficult for someone with your complexion, darling, but it’s nothing a good oil shampoo can’t fix.

Your hair’s fine.

Oh yes, it’s fine enough for travelling, but doesn’t he deserve you at your best?

Come on, Saffron. It’ll be fun. We can get pickles on our eyes and foot rubs.

We also offer coverup treatment for facial blemishes

That’s fine, but thank you.