My fellow Americans.

November 8th is the final day of a reality TV show where the fate of the world’s at stake. I realize that basically everyone is going “VOTE, ASSHOLES” at the top of their lungs, but that’s because we have the ability to choose who the single most powerful human being in the world is going to be, and it’s kind of a big deal. Both candidates are rather unpopular this year, and you may not feel great voting for them. But this is bigger than you or me, and everyone with the right to vote has a moral and civic duty to use that right to make the choice that will lead to the best world, even if you don’t feel great while doing it. Please don’t abdicate that duty. Too much is at stake.

Vote, assholes.


↓ Transcript
Saffron: Hyah!

Sage: So the guards weren’t to protect the treasure
Sage: They were to keep people from wandering in here!

Cassette: Very good, you solved the mystery. HELP ME!

Sage: I was getting to it, relax.