Watermelons. Earthmelons. Firemelons. Airmelons.

Long ago, the four melons grew together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Firemelons went on sale. Only the gardener, master of all four cultivars, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he retired.


Firemelons are a common food among the Miotal,creatures made of rock that live in water and eat fire. Scientists who try to categorize all lifeforms into one element find the Miotal incredibly frustrating, and classify them as “probably Air somehow, the bastards”. Miotal are often found near the raft villages of the Sceitimini (also known as Water Fairies), who help them socialize with the more civilized races in exchange for manual labor or guidance through the ocean. Water Fairies tend to by primarily Earth or Air-associated, despite living on the ocean and having Water in their names, because everything has to be confusing now.

↓ Transcript
Liri: Firemelons! I've always wanted to know how to eat one! Can we get some?

Coriander: A mild firemelon for the lady, good sir, and I'll have-

Coriander: An...airmelon. With extra air.

Coriander: Gotta maintain my fashionable physique, after all.

Liri: Can we go to the beach after this?
Coriander: Sure thing, Liri.