pyrofox55 said: Is… is wrestling always this amazing?

While The Final Deletion is from TNA, that question implies that you, my friend, need to learn the wonders of Lucha Underground.

I’m tragically behind, but here are things that really happened in Lucha Underground

* At the end of season one, Mil Muertes became the Lucha Underground Champion, and took over the Temple (as the normal owner fled until the heat from murdering Dragon Azteca I died down). Between seasons, he killed the Lucha Underground Mariachi Band and made a throne out of their bones, from which he sat silently watching the wrestling matches of Season 2.

Depicted in this page from the Rey Mysterio prequel comic.

* Ancient Aztecs learned of a threat to the world that would arise in the modern day, so they sent their finest warrior, Aero-Star, into space so that he could return to Earth 5,000 years later and team up with a man who’s part dragon.

* The owner of Lucha Underground was displeased when his Team Rocket crew of misfits failed him one time too many. As punishment, he had his little brother kill and eat one of them.

* Another member of the Team Rocket miniboss squad was revealed to be fucking up on purpose, as he was actually an undercover LAPD officer investigating the owner of the company. Since things were getting dangerous, he was assigned a partner, 70s Porncop Joey Ryan

(Who had become a name wrestler after becoming “King of Dong Style” and defeating Japanese wrestlers through his mighty American Cock, though that’s not canon to LU). The two cops are engaged in a feud with each other, but we the audience know they’re only faking (more or less).

* Two wrestlers challenged a dragon to a nunchuck fight, but the dragon was saved when the Aztec Warrior from beyond space and time showed up to even the odds with his lightsaberchucks.

* One of the commentators is a Vampire and/or Pope, and has used black magic to heal Penatgon Jr’s broken back.

(Above: Pope Vampiro)

Also, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. had a match. There’s nothing sci-fi about it, but it gives a sense what Lucha Underground is about (Crazy live stunts at high speeds with a Mortal Kombat fanfic plot)