Fifty bucks says you don’t have the balls to review Elias Ericson’s work.

Make the check out to cash, Anon, and then scratch out the name “Cash” and write my name in instead. Or donate to my Patreon, actually. Yeah, that’s probably the best option.

Anyway, let’s google this guy and check this shit out.

As someone who’s smacked himself in the head with a phone receiver when dealing with a particularly annoying customer a few times, I approve of this comic. Don’t beat yourself up, literally or figuratively.


A lot of these comics are basically diary comics, like Emitown or American Elf. I like Dia- I like Emitown, though there’s honestly not a lot to say about them.

This isn’t even a comic, it’s a picture. It’s a nice picture, but there’s not a story in the sense of the storytelling structure I harp on.

This actually reminds me of nothing so much as really early XKCD.

(And, in fact, Elias is 21, the same age Munroe was when doing these more notebook doodle-y XKCD’s)

I’m a little bit confused as to why you’re betting me fifty bucks that “I don’t have the balls” to review what’s basically a dude’s blog. I was expecting some horrible fetish comic.

But it’s basically a mix of “I used to cut myself but I’ve been getting therapy and I think I’m getting better now” and doodles of these two girls being miserable in a vaguely comedic way.

Oh shit he has an actual comic whoops

Ugh, it’s one of those shitty Tumblr themes where I can’t permalink pages because the URLs change every time it updates

Oh man, I don’t know if this shows up in this post, but the original image is a two-frame animated gif and it looks really awkward and uncanny valley. The gifs are throughout the comic, though this is the most awkard one.

Okay, actual serious, if nitpicky, criticism. The tail on the balloon for “the goddamn alarm never went off” is too long. You go from “No!…” to the girl’s face, then the word balloon tail leads to you “The Goddamn Alarm…”, and THEN you read Erik’s question, which is out of order.

Unlike some comics (>_>) Espaced gets the plot limned quickly. I’m not seeing much about this comic I dislike except the gifs, which are at least trying something new. If Elias is 21 now (as it say on his Tumblr) he’d have been 16 in 2010. This is a really good comic for a 16-year-old. and there’s nothing really bad about it even without the benefit (except “dood”)

This comic’s perfectly good, and there’s nothing crazy or awful or worth $50 to have to read here (pay me anyway). I don’t know what you were expecting