Normally I wouldn’t make a double-entendre all bold and underlined like that, but Gunwild keeps telling me to do it, and his comic is a lot more popular than mine so who am I to disagree?

Sorry I’ve been ghosting a little. I’m getting kicked out of my apartment next August, and a chance to move out early and buy a house came out, so I’ve spent the last week lying on the floor in a panic over The Big Decisions. I eventually decided against getting it. I’d have to burn up all my savings and, much worse, I’d have to stop making webcomics! Can’t have that, so I’ll just keep putting away a little money every month and maybe….one day.

Faunus’ final line is an oblique reference to the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, and when you go back and read it as an adult you realize that this is a stoner comedy about two idiots. Like, listen to this:

JULIET: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? We are unable to love each other because of your name. Give up your name, and take all of me instead
ROMEO, HIDING IN A BUSH: I shall never refer to myself as Romeo again!
JULIET: What? Who’s there?
ROMEO: It is I…….hm.

Greatest love story of all time? Or two morons without a brain cell between them? Both, perhaps.