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Okay, so I might be getting a liiiiiiitle overboard with these advertisements, what with letting the villains take them out in the comic proper, but in my defense, they pay me.

Speaking of paying me, did you know that if you sign up for our Patreon, you can get access to pages of Saffron and Sage and Legend of the Hare before everyone else gets them? You can even see in-progress versions of Saffron and Sage pages, really get into the artistic process. Later this week there’ll be a new Legend of the Hare page with writer commentary, and later this month $5 patrons will get a cute and sexy year of the rat-themed pinup drawn by Sabu, who drew the first few chapters! You’ll even get access to all previous pinups, including this one of Saffron taking a break after a long workout, as well as more in our Patreon dropbox! Normal people don’t get anything when they click those links, but YOU can, if you sign up! Supporting Saffron and Sage helps me pay the art team, and helps make this comic happen, but it also means you get cool goodies, so toss a coin to your writer, o internet of plenty!

(Jokes aside, I actually can’t see the google ads so please let me know if they’re obtrusive. There shouldn’t be any actually happening in the comic proper)

Also! It is my birthday today, and I’m turning old years old!

I had to put together a mock-up of the ad in MS Paint to explain to Carlos what I was trying to do, I hope this joke was worth it