Welcome all the new readers from Cassiopeia Quinn! I hope some of you stick around for this comic, which I think is a nice comic and there are some cute girls and robots in it.

The joke for this page was that the lion was named Tony, like the famous cereal mascot Tony the Lion.

I have since been informed that the cereal mascot is a tiger. I have no idea how I messed that up and didn’t catch until I got the inked version of this page. Ah well, it wasn’t much of a joke anyway. Let’s, uh, let’s just move on.

No, wait! We already established that Sage, although a fox, has the last name of “The Hedgehog”. Obviously this lion is part of the famous The Tiger family, a fact that will never be mentioned in the comic proper because it’s kind of stupid but will be a fun bit of trivia to put on the TV Tropes page. There we go! It’s not a brain fart, it’s consistent worldbuilding. Or, given those fangs, she’s a Saber-tooth tiger. Or it’s just a lion and this dumb reference isn’t worth the effort. Choose your own canon! We’re Homestuck now! Suggest your own explanation in the comments and the best one will be revealed to have obviously been my original plan all along.

ANYWAY, oh man, are we finally about to meet the prince Saffron’s been chasing all this time?! And there’s some kind of strange reveal that Saffron is reacting to? This sure would be an awkward time to do a pointless cutaway for two pages just so I could have the big reveal on page 100! I wouldn’t do that do you….would I?