Sage picked a bad time to invest in real estate, is all we’re saying.

I’ll be heading down to MICE this weekend, and may even be wearing some official unofficial Saffron and Sage swag that I threw together at a custom print shop in like five minutes. I’m only going as a guest, though, but swing by if you’re in the area. Hopefully, next year, I’ll be an exhibitor, too cool and famous to hang out with you!

And a hearty Ahoy hoy to all the visitors from Cassiopeia Quinn, which was nice enough to shout us out! CQ are good people, and while we’re only three pages deep, we hope to soon show you why Gunwild considers us worth reading already. So stick around, grab a craft beer,throw on your favorite vinyl album, and get ready to tell people how you liked Saffron and Sage before it was cool.


In the meantime, here’s an alternate final panel.

↓ Transcript
Saffron: Wait

Cassette: Now you want to wait. There's nothing to be scared of, here!
Saffron: That's what scares me

Sage: I know if I had a king's ransom in treasure, I'd just leave it in a big pile with the door unlocked.
Sage: Those kind of financial decisions are why I'm working for Saffron now

Cassette: Well, I'm making a good financial decision!
Saffron: Wait!!