Oh hey, Homestuck 2 updated again. I guess I’m liveblogging it maybe (I’m tagging these posts “Homestuck 2 Liveblog” if you wanna mute them), so let’s take a look. Looks like we’re on Candyland today.

I literally just watched a John Oliver Chiijohn segment, and I’m reading the narration in the voice of that narrator, which makes this way funnier. We need a kind old British gentlemen to do a Homestuck audio book.

And so the master has become the student

The circle of stupidity is complete.

But! Jake English is having a normal-ass dream! That’s kind of neat. Normally when a Homestuck player dreams their soul is transferred to a “Dream Self”, which is a physical body that physically exists, and when your dream self dies, falling asleep makes you wander around the “Dream Bubbles”. But all that shit’s sucked into a black hole now so I guess you just dream regular.

Oh fuck me, Brain Ghost Dirk. This Deepest Lore is getting 2 Deep 4 Me. Shouldn’t you be part of Ultimate Dirk? This cosmology is getting hard to track, even for an obsessive blogger type.

Okay. This is the pre-Retcon version of the Dirk that Jake conjured up in his brain. I feel like I’m going to want to set up a whiteboard for all this, and maybe I will, but it’s too late at night to do it now (and I’m procrastinating on multiple comics projects as it is!).

Though since Homestuck 2 is all “meta” and shit, what really matters here is that this is the “Original” Dirk, pre-evil. Pre-retcon, too, in fact. This is a version of Dirk from before Homestuck completely went into the meta stuff. What’s he doing here?

I’m sorry, who the fuck is this? Calliope left Candyland, who’s narrating? Is Brain Ghost Dirk narrating?


Oh, he’s willing himself into existence now. A lot of weird shit happens in the Homestuck EU, but this is probably the easiest to accept, weirdly. Being his imagination real is Jake’s power, after all.

This is 16-year-old Dirk talking to middle-aged Jake here 😐

Nice little reminder that Dirk was always trying to pressure people to be better and kind of an asshole about it. I maintain that his heel turn is the smartest and best idea in the epilogue. Which is not….the highest bar….but still. I like Evil Dirk and I’m already interested in seeing Evil Dirk and Jake’s Memory of Dirk talk it out at some point.

Blatant Ominous Foreshadowing Alert. 

Anyway, Dirk convinces Jake to get back with Jane in order to spy on her for the resistance. I love how Jake is wearing a Tuxedo and a cummerbund but also a logo T-shirt. The only force more powerful than canon and logic is the power of branding, bay bay.

Also, speaking of The Weird Meta Shit, panels can apparently lie now?

Fuck you, Brain Ghost Dirk

Okay, yep, Brain Ghost Dirk is evil and probably Ultimate Dirk, but why and how is he in the black hole?

Subtle Ominous Foreshadowing Alert: Transparent Ghost Dirk in front of the stripy blue tv background makes him look like a hologram, and his glasses have a distinctly red tint, instead of Dirk’s normal orange, associating Brain Ghost Dirk with Hal, Dirk’s auto-responder. In Homestuck 1, Hal was based off 13-year-old Dirk, and 16-year-old Dirk kept getting freaked out by how Machiavellian his past self could be

And that’s the update. I liked it! I’m actually liking Homestuck 2 more than the epilogues so far (and I kind of didn’t hate the epilogues). It seems to be a little bit lighter, and the panels being back helps with the pacing. We’ll see how it lasts, but I’m actually digging this more than I was expecting I would.