First and foremost, check out this art of Jill by Mary Cagle. It’s awesome. It’s adorable. It’s adorabawesome.

That out of the way, just stopping by to give a quick update on where we are. Right now I’m watching Sabu’s picarto stream, as she draws some Saffron and Sage. That’s still a think we’re working on, and you can see it being worked on if you follow her there. Gotta figure out the website situation, soon.

For LotH, I have five pages written up and Carlos has access to them, though things are in need of a cleanup and Carlos has some ~*things*~ to take care of before we can really return to full power, but rest assured, that cat’s starting to purr as well.
Patrons‘ll probably start getting teaser images pretty soon, but I don’t want to commit to a date yet. Hopefully by the end of the month, but this is partially dependent on factors beyond my control.

I want to thank all the┬áPatrons for supporting us in these weeks of in-between work. The financial difficulties that led to the hiatus are starting to clear up (though I’ll never pour cash into the advertising fire again), and we’re moving on to a bright future of comic updates.