Quick little update on what I’ve been doing all this time, followed by a little bit of bonus content for you to fill your stomachs with.

I’m hoping to have a “real” podcast later this week, possibly a compare/contrast of Strong Female Protagonist with Least I Could Do. Or, god help me, the Dumbing of Age review.


Q. Where are all these stock images from?
A. They’re used legally from pexels.com!

Q. Why does the phrase “medium rare” get a kitten as the visual
A. Like a kitten, a medium rare hamburger is soft.

Q. What?
A. Look, Pexels is free but it has a limited selection to work with, okay?

Q. Why is there an episode 2 when there’s no episode 1 yet and also this is a bonus and not a normal evidence.
A. The answer to that question is LOOK OVER THERE

Q. I didn’t see anything. Did you intend to run when I wasn’t looking?
A. Yes.

Q. Why didn’t you?
A. I…..forgot.