Rosianna Rabbit | 036

Harry Hare and Rosianna Rabbit have more fun at Hogwarts! Well… Harry does.

Slightly shorter because this week I made 2 half-sized comics, the other I plan to post when I go on holiday later in the summer.


Rosiana Rabbit is a very cute comic that sometimes approaches comedy but never quite reaches it. Part of that is that it tries a bit too hard to be “edgy”, though that’s objective, and part of that is illustrated above. Let me illustrate

Here, I made some improvements.

There’s absolutely zero value to a panel showing the empty hallway when we already saw that it was an invisibility cloak, and there’s absolutely zero value to showing Rosiana standing there doing nothing when we can clearly see her in the next panel.

You could even argue this is better.

Most of writing is cutting. It’s the hardest part, but it’s the most important.

In his book, On Writing (shameless Amazon Affiliate link!), Steven King said that the second draft of the story should be the first draft

minus ten percent