Heyo! I’m thinking of starting a webcomic. What are the best places to post it? (independent website, tumblr, etc.) Any tips for beginners?

Honest answer: I don’t know. I’d suspect independent website is the winner, and it’s what I use, but I haven’t exactly done many double-blind tests. I think having a domain of your own is important, but posting on Tumblr makes it easier for people to share your posts. I wonder, especially since I use patreon as my main source of income for the comic, if I should stop posting snippets and just flat-out post the whole comic to tumblr. It’d be a lot harder to track that, I think.

It’s a good question, worth thinking about. I actually signed up for webcomics.com today, so maybe that’ll be useful for data collecction (or maybe I’m out five bucks; I’ll report back).

LotH uses a WordPress site running ComicPress, though I’m starting to bump into its limitations (a big one: the comic is hard to navigate on mobile because the text is too small. I might has to write some custom CSS for that, but the menu looks like shit if I just embiggen the text), so I don’t necessarily want to say “Copy what I do” right now, but I do believe that having your own domain is really important? Maybe? It might be changing.