We got our first of a monthly series of podcasts up today! We have an interview with Cody Baier, creator of Cloudscratcher, and artist for Falls Count Anywhere, a webcomic I worked on before Legend of the Hare.

Unfortunately, as this is the first podcast, there were some things I needed to learn, like not to record background music and my own voice on the same audio track. I had to amplify my voice since I had a worse mic, and it made the music jump around in volume. Lesson learned: Next time, I’ll record the interview, THEN add music to the Audacity file. At least Cody talked for long stretches, it could’ve been worse.

Click the picture above, or these words right here, to get ahold of of our first episode. If you’re interested in being a guest, shoot me an email at admin@lothcomic.com!