What do you think some of the worst individual pages in web comics are? Not in any context, just some of the worst individual pages.

Probably some piece of shit MS Paint comic that died four strips in and no one heard of.

One of these guys, for instance. If we’re talking about a page that significantly damages the comic it’s associated with….

Take your pick. I thought loss.jpg, but honestly that’s only infamous because of the context. Some thoughts off my head:

loss.jpg? It’s not very good as a page, but I think it’s only really bad because of the context of CAS as a whole (though the B^U is egregious in this context)

Blue Alien Sex Cube! This is unintentionally hilarious due mainly to Martin’s look of total BSOD shock in panel 5, and his “Help I’m having a stroke” face in panel 6, which is both a funny set of expressions and undercuts the intended feel-good nature of the strip. When this dropped, I legitimately thought the storyline was supposed to be that that Martin was lying out of awkwardness and didn’t want to do this. The writing of this page is fine (and people really were pulling for Martin/Claire), but the art murders it pretty bad. Jacques later colored in the ground in panel 5 to try and make it a bed in a room instead of a small box they were in, which didn’t really help much.

But I’d have to go with this. This page is just conceptually fucked, for reasons I hope I don’t have to explain. Not that it was really an A-list comic to begin with, but Dana Simpson has had a well-regarded webcomic and a published Newspaper strip, and this page pretty much killed whatever chance Raine Dog had of being in the same tier as Ozy and Millie or Phoebe and her Unicorn.