Together with her trusty pet-slash-mentor Sage, a large axe, and an inept guide, she sets out to rescue him from the evil nymph Milk. But with no idea where Milk is, and a recurring assassin problem, she’s got her work cut out for her.

Along the way, she’ll encounter giant crabs, world-famous heroes, and uncomfortably sexy dwarves, in this spice of life fantasy adventure.

Chapter 3 - Bath time!

Aug 01, 2017Sidequest!
Aug 29, 2017Sidequest time!
Nov 15, 2017Project Runweb
Jan 16, 2018A wrinkle in grime
Jan 24, 2018Name Game
Feb 15, 2018Foxrider
Mar 06, 2018Canceled
Sep 10, 2018Baton Pass
Sep 18, 2018Aximum Effort
Sep 25, 2018Flesh Wound
Oct 09, 2018Not that hat!
Oct 17, 2018Cutting insults
Oct 23, 2018Face/Off
Oct 30, 2018Dressed to kill
Nov 07, 2018You have my bow
Mar 05, 2019Critical Hit
Mar 25, 2019Extry Extry
Apr 09, 2019Chapter 3 - END

Chapter 4 - Hot Cross Buns