Hey everyone, welcome to Saffron and Sage! We’re launching now with but one page, and you’re all probably already sick of it from all the hyping up I did on my various blogs, but check it out. We have a site now! There’s a tiled background and a logo and custom menu images and why are these custom navigation icons not working generic navigation menus! And while there isn’t a lot of content here yet, we’ll be updating every Tuesday. And feel free to leave some comments and let us know what you think of the joint!

Saffron and Sage is written by Daniel Kelly, author of Legend of the Hare. It’s drawn by Sofia Lopez, creator of Rex Rangers, with flats done by Threnody JG!, creator of Comicide. Combined, the three of us have some nonzero total amount of webcomics experience. Is it a lot? Maybe! Either way, this is the story of two women, a fox, several enemy crabs, and eventually some wizards. We all hope that you enjoy it.


(Page Transcript)

Cassette: Just like I said!
Cassette: Your prince fellow is probably being held captive in that dungeon!

Cassette: And I have just the plan to get them to get us in!

Cassette: Sage, I’m going to need you to catch some local crustaceans from the nearby river

Cassette: Meanwhile, Saffron and I will use the local Flora to construct a rudimentary lathe
Crabran Goon: Help
Cassette: We’ll use it to sand the crustacean shells into quasirealistic costumes, that will let us sneak past the guards….

Cassette: Oh