A warrior on a quest to find her Prince Charming, and the protagonist. Inexperienced with the world outside her homeland, but willing to punch her way through any cultural differences.
Likes: Axes, Fighting
Dislikes: Small talk, giant enemy crabs

Pages with Saffron


A fox spirit who hangs around with Saffron. Trying to decide if calling himself “THE Sage” is arrogant or not. Leaning towards “no”.
Likes: Snark, Rabbits
Dislikes: Whining, work

Pages with Sage

A legendary wizard who’s totally famous in his home country for saving the world one time. You haven’t heard of him because he did it in another country, but trust him on this.
Likes: Liri, Being famous
Dislikes: Poverty, Wolf Strider

Pages with Coriander

A former Daran priestess who quit her job to travel the world with her totally awesome boyfriend.
Likes: Her family, Fire
Dislikes: Her family, Fire

Pages with Liri


A guide hired to help Saffron and Sage. May or may not actually know what she’s talking about.
Likes: Gold, Elaborate plans.
Dislikes: Ungrateful customers, Spice-themed names

Pages with Cassette