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She's saving those for later investigation
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  1. Mark G.

    Somethings fishy. Cory was naked and supposedly having some fun with Cassette. Yet Cassette is fully clothed, not even the gloves came off.

    • Radical Dreamer

      A few more things of note is that there are several sets of clothes on the ground and they don’t look like Cory’s style. The overhead shot shows Cassette’s baggage unopened so its likely not hers.

    • poit123

      Well, when Cory was talking about how it was getting all “hot and steamy”, his magic fizzled out on him (p161), shortly after we Liri telling him that lying makes your magic stop working (p142) – perhaps the story is a bit less “having some fun” as much as “I don’t know what happened, but my ego says make something less embarrassing up”.

      Also, this is a high-quality frame job here. We know they still have Cinnamon’s old bow, because even though they wander around without it visible, they keep pulling it out (fight at the spider Inn, talking about how Magic works before the Dingo attack, etc), and we also know that when Liri fires it, the magic arrows are that pale blue colour, but when Cinnamon fired it, they were green.

      The problem of course, is that we know Liri was in the food car getting traumatized when the murder happened, and Cinnamon was somehow outside of it spying on them. Did Cinnamon get a new bow and learn to fire different coloured arrows, or is this someone completely unrelated to Cinnamon, Toast, and Crunch?

  2. Sensei Le Roof

    If we take his word at face value, yes.

    • Sensei Le Roof

      I love when reply actually works.

    • Myk Streja

      Cass’ leg is on top of Cory’s shirt, and the scattered clothing seems to have come from both of them. Most women I knew would never treat a bra like that, nor leave underwear on the floor unless it was removed during foreplay. There is definitely more hear than meets the eye.

  3. Myk Streja

    Hmm, Cass is blushing after Sage closes her eyes and mouth. Dead bodies don’t blush.

  4. Kammon

    So, where is Betamax and what did she see?

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